I provide therapy to individuals, families, and groups. I have treated all ages and a broad range of diagnoses. My diverse experience allows me to work successfully with a large array of clients. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by life, family, a specific event, or have struggled to feel your best for a long time, we can work together to increase control, confidence, and peace.

Therapy is a place to be heard and validated. It is time to explore, heal and learn, free of judgement or assumptions. As therapist, my desire is to listen, understand and help. I work to create a very open and safe environment where individuals and families can be real and take genuine steps towards improvement and success. I believe that connecting with your therapist is the first step towards effectively working together. Therefore, we will initially work on building a trusting relationship and establishing a common understanding and plan. I have also found that clients benefit from walking away with concrete tools and evidence-based strategies to implement in their everyday life. I look forward to meeting and working with you.